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The Beau K Bistro is a unique "dining experience" where we bring our restaurant to you. There, you can enjoy a memorable meal together with friends and family in the comfort of your own home. Chef Beauís sistery Kitty was an inspiration and a great support in his culinary adventures. They shared the same passion for eating and trying new food. The Beau K Bistro is our way of paying homage to Chef Beauís sister, Kitty.

Here's how it works, you pick an available date, secure it with a chef and then invite your guests. Chef Beau or one of his talented chefs will send you a menu from which you can make your selections. Most menus will consist of an amuse bouche (a bite sized treat that excites the tongue and delights the eye), a seasonal salad, a main course and a dessert.

On the day of your event, your chef will arrive at your home approximately one hour before first course. The chef will become part of your celebration as he prepares the menu in front of everyone. He will give you various tips and will be happy to answer questions throughout the evening.

It takes approximately 4 hours for the Beau K Bistro to open and close. When at your home the chef will take over your kitchen for the evening. We simply ask for clean countertops, an empty dishwasher and some room in the fridge. You may set the table with your finest china or your everyday dishes, however, if some of these items need to be provided by a rental company, additional costs may be incurred.

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