Why is it that our government who runs the FDA forces food companies to label all their ingredients on the packaging except for items called “caramel coloring” and “natural flavorings?” Know why, because those are “proprietary ingredients” so say the companies and the company doesn’t want you to know what are in those “natural ingredients.”

Let me explain where natural flavoring and caramel coloring comes from:

Caramel coloring is derived from a variety of sources that are found in common allergens, such as glucose, many times coming from wheat or corn. Glucose, we all know is a starch hydrolysates found in wheat and barley or lactose from cow’s milk. Avoid these foods including generic caramel coloring or first determine the source for the caramel coloring before consuming the food. North American and European manufacturers mostly use glucose derived from corn or wheat to produce caramel color, which is highly processed and is generally considered “gluten and dairy free.” Don’t believe it!!!

For those who know me, I am HIGHLY sensitive to wheat, barley, and rye. is a company we can no longer endorse.

I was making a grass fed, beef stew for a client and I tried using their product “low sodium beef stock” that had a Gluten Free” label…their own label not a certified GF label. When the stew was finished, I grabbed a teaspoon and took a sip (not even a teaspoon) and thought it tasted great! 20 minutes later I felt bloated and hyper. I didn’t really think too much about it because I hadn’t eaten in awhile and I thought it was because I needed to eat. I could tell there was wheat in me but I couldn’t figure our where it came from until I called Imagine Foods and spoke a Consumer Relations rep. She assured me it was GF because it had their GF label on it. I told her she was wrong and their product had wheat in it and she told me the product was “tested” and I asked by who, and she wouldn’t tell me who. So I asked her if she wouldn’t mind telling me what was in her “natural flavoring” and she said NO! It was “proprietary” information. I did receive an email and response from the rep assuring me there product is GF which was nice, but bull shit. This, after a conversation that started nicely, but ended w/ her defending their “proprietary ingredients.” I believe she knew what her company was hiding but she wasn’t allowed to tell me. That was all I needed for this blog.

If you have celiac or are sensitive to gluten, stay away from Imagine Foods products. I guarantee you there is wheat/barley in their proprietary ingredients. And, stay away from dark colored soda’s as well especially Coke…

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