Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are all around us.  Science tells us that GMOs are good because we can produce more food, have food that resists insects and disease and have food that is cheaper than organically grown food.

But the facts about GMOs are startling.  GMOs are linked to many physical problems, behavior disorders and psychological issues and is linked to the epidemic rise of disorders like Autism, Celiac and Hashimoto’s disease, depression, anxiety, ADHD and many more disorders.

As a food consultant and as someone who has first-hand experience, I know about the link between food and how we feel and the disorders that are affected by eating the wrong foods.

Here is an article I wrote that talks about GMOs.  If you have any behavioral issues like depression, chronic pain, anxiety or ADHD or just want to learn more about the food that you eat, I strongly encourage you to come to our Farm to Table event on August 29.

It will change your thoughts on food and can easily change your life.

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