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In trying to plan an 80th birthday party (for 25 guests) for my mother on the North Shore from Boston seemed like a daunting task but from the minute I contacted Chef Beau, the plans fell right in to place. Chef Beau always responded to every one of my panicky, stressed, emails, texts and phone calls with patience and understanding; and always within a few hours at most. He helped me plan the perfect menu, told me what I needed to do in preparation for the party and arrived at my mother's house at the exact time he said he'd be there with his staff. The food was beautifully presented, tasted fabulous and served by warm and caring professionals. And every dish and crystal glass and silverware was washed by hand at the end of the meal.

Although I gave the facts about my event and how well it went thanks to the efforts of Beau K Catering above, I would be doing a disservice to this business if I didn't tell about how they went above and beyond the services of a standard caterer. First, I later discovered that Chef Beau replied to my emails without any noticeable delay after having emergency surgery. Then the night before the party, my mother asked if two more of her friends could come to her party. When I reluctantly called Chef Beau to ask him if this was possible, he said it wouldn't be a problem in the most sincere and unannoyed manner. When he and Chef Jen and Grace the server/bartender came to the house, they were so warm and personable, by the end of the evening they felt like family, if not friends with promises made that if they were ever in the Boston area that we'd absolutely make plans to get together. I miss them already. My parents and their guests kept commenting how nice they each were and how delicious the meal was.

I was once told that when food is prepared with love in the heart/mind of the cook, the meal is made more delicious because that love is transferred to the food and that's why meals like Thanksgiving dinner always taste so good. Well, that must be the case for the meals made by Chef Beau because the love and caring came through in the meal he prepared for my mother's party.

Jane S.
Boston, MA

We used chef beau for personal daily meals for my family and myself, as my wife and i both work and had no time to eat healthfully. we used him for about 6 months.

Chef used his own kitchen, cooked meals, prepackaged, and dropped them off to our house several times a week.

Professional, courteous, and great tasting.

Would recommend to anyone.

Ryan M.

Chef Beau,

Everyone loved your food and was very pleased when I told them about your standards. I am interested in your food delivery service but right now I'm crazy with the holidays. I will review your menus and try to get in touch with you in the near future. That lasagna was INSANE! I've never been terribly fond of lasagna and that was quite possibly the best I've ever had. The hummus was absolutely to die for! Everything was fabulous, everyone enjoyed it a great deal. Grace was brilliant and so much fun. My son was thrilled and told me she taught him a few things. You guys make a great team.

Barrington, IL

I decided to have a dinner party for 12 people for my wife's 40th bday...not an easy task but Chef Beau knocked it out of the ballpark. From the beginning, Chef Beau was great with helping me decide the menu. He answered my questions, took into consideration some dietary restrictions and tweaked the menu just how I wanted it. I also had asked for some recommendations for wine pairing and he his suggestions were great...I still go back and buy some of the wines he recommended. That night Beau and his server/bartender showed up on time and quickly started getting ready. In no time, we were staring down an insane amount of bacon wrapped scallops (and some without the bacon). While eating on those and hanging out (never without a beverage thanks to Beau's bartender/server) some people wandered into the kitchen to talk to the Chef and hear his story, which is an unbelievable story about how a change of diet and cleaner eating can change/save ones life. I'm not a huge "clean eater", but hearing his story definitely opened my eyes to some things. Dinner was fantastic. We had tenderloin with asparagus and brussel sprouts. Delicious. Everyone raved about it and raved about the service, too. After dinner we were playing some games and getting a little rowdy...thought we might scare Chef Beau off but he definitely seemed to be having a good time with us. For dessert, we had a lava cake that was to die for. At the end of the evening, our kitchen was spotless. That was one of my main concerns as I heard horror stories about some other private chefs leaving dishes in the sink and a messy kitchen. There were no dirty dishes and everything was cleaner than before he got there. Whenever our friends get together the joke is now, "Where's Chef Beau?" We will definitely be using him in the future and I highly recommend him.

Andy S.
Northbrook, IL

Chef Beau,

Last week the curried pork tenderloin was excellent. All the food is good but this was particularly exceptional!! Keep that one on the list frequently.


Hi Chef Beau,

I wanted to compliment you on the meals. We have really been enjoying them. Also, I wanted to give you more specific feedback - the sea bass was amazing. And there was a dish last week- I don't know what it was called, but it was a chicken dish, maybe Thai-style, with cilantro and macadamia nuts in it - it was incredible!

Thank you,

Hi Chef,

An extra special thanks to you for the soup and remedy for Eric. He kicked the bug in record time and seems to be feeling great now. I just don't know what we'd do without you! My appreciation overflows for all you do and especially for making time to take care of Eric as the virus was trying to settle in. You are the best!

Thank you again and hope you are well!

Peace and a big hug.


Hi Chef Beau! This is amazing news! I trust Eric is keeping up on his orders and when I was there last, it was so nice to see him happily eating in between all the responsibilities of his academic schedule and work. Best decision I ever made! Thank you for all you do! It was nice to meet Chef Patrick briefly and he seems like not only does he like what he does but that he cares about Eric. Truly special.


I wanted to say a BIG thank you on behalf of my mom, Majid, Bob, and myself to you, chef Patrick, and chef Zo, and Grace with that beautiful smile of hers. What a wonderful experience. You and your staff are pros. You were terrific. I've heard nothing but great things about you ,quality of the food, and service. We felt very pampered. For future events you are our guy. We found 2 teaspoons from the rentals that I wanted to let you know in case they wanted to stop by to get it. Again, thank you so very much for taking care of us and for truly doing an outstanding job. My only suggestion is to please open more branches. Definitely one in CA, and one in Toronto please. Because my family loved your food, your service, and your staff. Lol. We wish you continued success in all your future endeavor.

Kind regards,

Hi, and thanks for your email... you did a splendid job and were wonderful to have around. The food was really spectacular! Everyone had his or her favorites, mine was everything... but especially the pumpkin mousse... really, it was perfect evening for all of us... one of our best ever! I appreciated your calm, and your server Grace's calmness too, in the midst of the storm... I will keep your name close at hand and I hope you get some business from our party. I do not have anything planned for the near future, and we do travel a lot which takes us out of town for weeks at a time, but if something comes up... you will hear from me!!!

Many thanks to you and Grace,
Nancie D.

I can't thank you enough for such an amazing party! I have to say that is probably the first time I truly enjoyed myself at my own party... thanks to you and your staff!

From the time you all walked in and took charge setting up, I knew it was going to be a great night! The food, of course, was awesome... EVERYONE loved it and said so all night. The guys you brought were so nice and accommodating, even my friends commented on it. Kevin and the bartender were incredible at the end of the night, staying later than I expected and cleaning like crazy.... didn't even look like I had a party when I went to bed! Everyone also loved the way everything was set up; it was really different from any of the parties my friends have had (or me for that matter) and it really felt good to do something like this!

I hope you had as much fun as we did! All of us could tell how much pride you take in your business and how hard you work!! Can you come back next weekend?! LOL

Truly an amazing evening...


Chef Beau is a fantastic chef and an expert caterer, and I highly recommend his company, Beau K Catering, for dinner parties and special events. Chef Bill prepared and served a 4-course dinner for a group of my closest friends, in honor of my 30th birthday. I'm a classic type 'A' so hosting dinner parties can be a little stressful, but Chef Bill took all of the pressure off of me so that I could focus on enjoying my guests (and my dinner). He was consistently at the top of his game - accommodating, responsive, flexible, creative with menu options, knowledgeable about wine and cocktail pairings, sensitive to dietary restrictions (and picky eaters), and very detail oriented. And in between managing the kitchen and serving courses, he even kept wine glasses full and provided great conversation topics for my guests. I'm pleased that I was able to put everything in his hands. And my friends are still raving about the meal and the special pre-dinner birthday cocktail he prepared. I definitely plan to work with Beau K Catering again soon!

Lorraine C.
Chicago, IL

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My friend decided to have a personal chef come to her place to cook a delicious meal for her 30th birthday . This was the first time I've ever experienced this and I have to say that it was awesome. Chef Beau was very pleasant and professional. He was very detailed form the starters to dessert. I appreciated all the interesting facts and he really enjoys what he does. That made the experience even more fantastic. I look forward planning a dinner party and discussing menu items with him. His energy is amazing and I highly recommend him.

Valerie A.
Chicago, IL

Chef Beau came to my house this past weekend to cook for myself and 8 friends. He was so fun to watch, amazing to talk to (it felt like he was a part of the group!), and the food was delicious! We had the chorizo crusted halibut and it was aaaaaaamazing! It was an added bonus to hear that he also makes everything gluten free!

Friends of mine that attended this house dinner had hired a private chef before and said their prior experience was way more expensive and that chef didn't clean up! Chef Beau served each person individually, cleaned all the dishes, and left the kitchen in perfect condition.

I would definitely recommend Beau K Catering if you're interested in doing something fun, unique, and different with a group of family/friends. I'm looking forward to hiring Chef Beau again for a sushi making party!

Kalin S.
Schaumburg, IL

I highly, highly recommend Chef Beau! He cooked for a small dinner party to celebrate my fiance's 25th birthday in June. That was nearly 2 months ago (I'm a little slow!) and people are still talking about how fun the party was and how delicious the food tasted. Chef Bill was great to work with in planning the food for the party and was so flexible with some edits to the menu (I'm a vegetarian). He was a blast to hang out with for the night... he is so funny and personable and entertained everyone with the cooking and explanations of the dishes, and everything we ate was incredible. He made a chocolate lava cake that was to die for. If you're looking for a fun, interactive chef and an outstanding meal, look no further than Chef Beau!

Jen O.
Chicago, IL

My husband and I and our guests had a delicious meal and unforgettable evening thanks to Chef Beau! It was our first time hiring a personal chef to celebrate my husband's birthday and we had a wonderful experience! Chef Beau was extremely flexible and accommodating with the menu selections and was willing to modify for dietary restrictions. He responded very efficiently to questions through email and phone.

I have not stopped telling my friends about this incredible night and they have all responded with "what a great idea!" I will definitely refer Chef Beau and highly recommend using him and Beau K Catering for any special occasion!

Leora E.
Buffalo Grove, IL

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